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Your loved ones should not have to suffer while quitting
their opiate addiction

     One of the biggest fears when it comes to the treatment of addiction to opiates is in patient relapse. This is a situation where the brain craves the drug at such a high rate of dependency that it begins to cause physical pain and emotional distress.

     The most popular way to prevent these symptoms is to use a clinical methadone treatment program.

Here are the main benefits of methadone treatments:

 The euphoric and sedating factors of opiates are disrupted in the brain.
 Emotional distress is relieved and cravings are reduced.
 Provides a reprieve from withdrawal symptoms associated with addiction.
 There are no effects that cause intoxication, which allows people to function and socialize as they would in normal daily life.

   What everyone should know about opiates is that they have extraordinary addictive powers.  To give you a good idea what the addict is up against, try to imagine smoking compared to opiate addiction as a fist fight.  The battle to quit smoking would be like fighting with an angry eighteen-year-old man with no formal training.  By way of comparison, opiate addiction is like going up against a third-degree black belt without any formal training.  In this case, the methadone is like a black belt in your corner that can assist you in recovery while addressing the withdrawals and negative symptoms of addiction. Methadone is a stable and widely recognized method of treatment for opiod addiction.

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"Battling opiate addiction without methadone is like fighting a black belt without training."