Addiction Recovery
Support Center


We believe that all individuals have a purpose, but often life circumstances and mental health issues steer people off track and rob them from well-being; as people begin to self-medicate, and are gently pulled into the trap of addiction. Let us pull you out.

Our team is fully focused on all aspects of your health and self-care. We provide non-clinical treatments such as salon services and massage tables, as well as culinary experts and specialists to feed the body and the soul. It’s time to receive the nourishment you deserve. We will also help you with fueling your mind. We can help you pursue your dream career. We have learning and mentorship programs in a variety of fields. You can get one-on-one experience and make industry connections. If we do not currently offer something in your interests, please tell us so we can start. We want to serve each individual on a personal level. In the center, there is a suggestion box that is reviewed daily. Please use it so the center can serve you in the best way possible.

We aim to encourage those who enter the center to attain transportation, housing, work, healthcare, and overall stable quality of life that meets their needs; first and foremost, with recovery support to teach relapse prevention strategies and life coaching to encourage long-term recovery.



The barbershop is a clean and newly updated space, with quality tools and products. Here individuals in the center can either be serviced or learn how to become a barber themselves. Our mentees will have the opportunity to learn the skillset necessary for Georgia State licensure and the necessary components for launching a business of their own. Our barbershop also features classes and demonstrations by professionals on the latest haircuts, techniques, and products.


The beauty salon is a feminine, yet professional atmosphere with high-quality beauty products. Participants in the program and outside community members can enjoy having their hair styled and maintained in a warm and friendly environment. As our mentees come to the age of 18, they will also have the opportunity to learn the skillset necessary for Georgia State licensure and the necessary components for launching a business of their own. Our beauty salon features classes and demonstrations by professionals, on the latest hairstyles, color and cutting techniques, and hair care products, and more.


Individuals can receive professional nail services in a clean, sanitized, professional environment. Our nail techs are individuals licensed and have the ability to provide top-notch work, while also training interested program participants who are looking to enter the field. Our nail salon features classes and demonstrations by professionals, on the latest nail and cuticle products, nail designs, on-trend colors, nail design techniques, and products. We believe that creativity lies in every individual. Our mentees can bring their creativity to the surface as they learn to manicure, working with licensed, local nail technicians will give them that opportunity. Individuals can pursue their licensure as they reach 18 and can come to work with us or start their own business.


An oasis right on the grounds of our facility, we offer a peaceful environment for our youth, many facing significant stress levels, a healthy way to manage those stressors rooted in self-care. Featuring quality body oils, professional skincare treatments, and massages, our licensed masseuses, will ensure individuals receive an unforgettable spa experience. Our mentees will have opportunities to experience hands-on learning, as licensed massage therapists provide classes and tutorials on the latest in body care and massage therapy. Not only will those in our program who are recovering have a chance to be pampered, they can also learn a unique skill set that will help them be competitive in the workforce upon completing our program.


Focusing on centering the mind, body, and spirit, our yoga classes will teach our mentees how to incorporate balance and wellness into their lives. Certified yoga instructors will give live, on-site demonstrations, while also providing education and classes for those interested in becoming acquainted with the world of yoga and exercise. This is the perfect way for our mentees to learn healthy, non-habit forming, holistic techniques to combat stress, frustration, anxiety, etc.


Our gym will seek to ensure that our mentees, many of who have been sedentary as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, remain active and begin to foster a lifestyle of health and wellness. While they will be free to use the equipment during available hours, we will also bring certified, personal trainers on-site to provide classes, as well as education for those who have a passion and an interest in becoming fitness trainers.


Our activity rooms allow residents and participants of the program to participate in art classes and other life skills classes. We will provide interested individuals with materials and will ensure that all classes are taught by skilled professionals in their areas.


Our training room will provide an area for our program participants to receive training in a professional setting. Equipped with state-of-art TVS for presentation purposes, along with a conference-style set-up, both our community and guest speakers will be equipped with the business-like environment necessary for training.


Our multipurpose area, complete with a stage, lighting, and adequate seating, will allow for our mentees to show off their talents and increase self-confidence, and also to participate in scheduled events including but not limited to:

  • Community Fashion Shows
  • Boys & Girls Brunches
  • Movie Nights
  • Comedy Night
  • Game Night
  • Panel Discussions (on topics relating but not limited to retirement, investment, insurance, and more)
  • Job Fairs
  • Community Cookouts
  • Karaoke Night
  • Poetry Night
  • Art Shows
  • Community Health Fairs


For those who need a space to conduct professional photoshoots or getting started in film production, we offer cutting-edge equipment and spacious green rooms will be available for rent. Our mentees will also have access to learning how to conduct photo sessions and operate on-set for film production purposes, editing, content creation, and accessing different networks. Professional photographers and videographers will be on-site to provide the educational aspect of this aspect of our community center. No idea is too big! Changing Your Ordinary is here to prepare mentees to pursue their passions and find work that fulfills them.


Our game room features state-of-the-art flat-screen TVs, pool tables, tables, lounge chairs, etc. This will be a place where our mentees can get together in a safe, relaxing, and fun environment which will be supervised by cherished mentors. Providing our mentees with a healthy outlet is necessary to help ensure they are able to enjoy themselves in a safe and fun atmosphere.


Scheduled and healthy meals will be served from our gourmet kitchen. Mentees may gather here to enjoy nutritious meals in an elegant dining atmosphere. Mentees will learn from local chefs how to prepare quick, yet nutritious meals. They will also learn the nutritional value of foods. Additionally, classes offered will include a “kiddie” segment that will allow younger children to learn how to prepare healthy snacks and small meals that require no oven use. Between prepared meals and meal prep classes, we will combat obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and more in our community. For more information about events in our banquet room, you may contact us via the information provided.


With up-to-date computers, Wi-Fi, and plenty of workspace, our computer lab allows mentees to access the internet and complete other important tasks such as school and homework, tutoring, resume building, job application completion, and more. Occasionally we will have professionals provide education to our program participants on basic computer skills in order to help them succeed in this tech-savvy world.


We provide education pertaining to medical and dental care, so that our mentees can gain an awareness of how to lead a healthy lifestyle. They will be encouraged to overcome the risk factors they face while being educated about the necessity of caring for themselves through pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Classes will include but not be limited to: self-care, STDs, maternal care, diabetes education, education on weight loss, and more.


Hands-on education is important, as well as the ability for one to learn on their own. Our facility will feature a spacious bookstore that allows our mentees the opportunity to purchase books at affordable prices, within their community. We will ensure that books sold in our book store are up to date and relevant to personal growth and self-guided learning for every individual. Children’s books will also be available for purchase.


Changing Your Ordinary Peer Mentorship and Recovery Center will house a library on campus. Fully stocked with relevant books, computers, table,s and chairs; our mentees will have an opportunity to obtain a library card and check-out books through our borrow and return system. Books appropriate for all ages (adults and children) will be provided.