Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse

The Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse Program at Changing Phases Behavioral Support provides leadership in the identification, diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse and disorders in children and adolescents. It is staffed by experienced and qualified, licensed professional counselors, social workers and psychiatrists. CPBS clinicians are uniquely qualified to evaluate and support adolescents with a full range of substance use problems and disorders - from teens who have just begun using substances to those struggling with addiction.

Child and Adolescent Intensive Outpatient

The Child and Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program provides mental health care to adolescents within the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. This program offers a much-needed "intermediate" level of care for adolescents who have needs that are too complex to be effectively managed in an office outpatient setting, but do not reach the threshold warranting inpatient hospitalization. The C&A IOP offers an alternative for outpatient providers, emergency rooms, school guidance counselors, primary care physicians, parents, and other local agencies seeking mental health care for their patients, students, clients, and children.

Child and Adolescent Non-intensive Outpatient

The Child and Adolescent Core service is provided to youth in order to promote stability and age-appropriate functioning in their daily environment. Stability is measured by a decreased number of hospitalizations, by decreased frequency and duration of crisis episodes and by increased and/or stable participation in school and community activities. Support that is based on the youth's needs is used to promote resiliency while understanding the effects of the emotional disturbance and/or substance use/abuse and to promote functioning at an age-appropriate level. The Community Support staff will serve as the primary coordinator of behavioral health services and will provide linkage to community; general entitlements; and psychiatric, substance use/abuse, medical services, crisis prevention and intervention services.