Addiction Recovery
Support Housing


A change of scenery could be all you or a loved one needs to overcome addiction and other challenges. Our recovery support housing offers a fully immersive experience that will help inspire a change from within. Changing Phases is now proud to announce our partnership with the non-profit Beyond Ordinary Ordinary Inc. Changing Phases Behavioral Inc has created a partnership with Beyond Your Ordinary Inc (NonProfit Entity) for the purpose of enhancing the impact and changing the community together. That is why our facility is called, “Changing Your Ordinary Community Center."


We offer recovery support housing because we understand that those who struggle with addiction and mental health may have lost everything. For up to 12 individuals, we offer a safe and stable environment while those who feel lost can truly be found. This non-clinical setting allows you to grow and educate yourself, mend broken relationships, find a career path and leave your problems in the past.

Scholarship/Certification monies may be allocated to the individuals in order to support them in overcoming any perceived barriers in their path. Physical health and mental health play into one another on a profound level, therefore, these individuals, upon enrolling in the housing program, will be supported in establishing insurance through Medicaid or another insurance panel, and will be encouraged to begin to attend to their physical health needs which have often gone long unattended. They will be encouraged to secure a primary doctor and see any other specialists they may need.

Changing Your Ordinary is without any stigma, believing in the inherent good and potential of all people, regardless of their history if involved in opioid treatment, criminal background, religious background, gender, or race. Our doors are wide-open as we aim to serve in rebuilding the vitality of the community and re-establishing a sense of belief in the community, building relationships and bonds that stretch through law enforcement, the court systems, and the neighbors on all sides of us.

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