Addiction Recovery Support Mentorship


You are never in this process alone. Find healing and find people that will help you along the way. We offer youth and adult mentorship programs. We provide peer support as well as life coaches with many programs aimed at fostering their passions and keeping their interests far from dangerous behaviors and focused on their talents and goals for the future. We will offer various scholarships and opportunities to prepare our mentees to establish themselves in their profession of choice; be it one of the programs at the center, life coaching or coming to work with us.


Our center is focused on whole health and self-care; providing soothing and spa-types of wellness, feeding your mind, body and soul. Participants within the center will have the ability not only to partake of these offering, but also to engage in learning and mentorship programs in their field of interest; with one on one trainings and classes.


We aim to encourage those who enter the center to take steps to prepare for attaining transportation, housing, work, healthcare, and an overall stable quality of life that meets their needs; first and foremost, as they approach adulthood. Providing a stream of balanced, positive, powerful, strong, self-starting, motivated, and talented individuals to engage in community living as they reach adulthood, with a love of the community and a desire to give back, is what we intend to do.


Mental health and substance abuse issues are often intertwined, and it can be so difficult for individuals to overcome these struggles alone. Oftentimes, individual struggles are part of larger, more systemic issues that have affected generations. Changing Phases Behavioral Support understands Georgia’s complex history. Issues of oppression like slavery, segregation, racism, poverty, and injustice are not events of the distant past, they are systems still affecting Macon, and the whole of Georgia, today.

Until 1872, African Americans in Georgia were forbidden from reading and had no access to public schools. In 1925, only ten public schools existed catering to the African American population, some lacking electricity. Until 1913, the hospitals were segregated, and only white doctors were employed within the hospitals, leading to lesser levels of care and attention to health of black residents. In 1958, African Americans had a mortality rate 50% higher than Caucasians in the area due to the lesser quality and availability of healthcare. Racial violence was also very prominent in the 1900s, driven by white mobs and protected by law enforcement. These wounds have left deep scars on the psyches of Georgia’s underserved communities, who continue to suffer from racist policy decisions, disproportionate incarceration, and inaccessible healthcare and education.

Changing Phases Behavioral Support aims to provide the resources our Georgia community needs to lift each other out of these broken systems through mental health and substance abuse counseling, mentoring, and community building. We work with at-risk youth, adults, and families to build community and familial bonds, increase the quality of life, and heal from generational trauma. No matter your struggles, Changing Phases can provide the support to help you heal.


Changing Phases Behavioral Support, Inc. (CPBS) is a professional organization known for providing Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services since February 2006. Changing Phases has experience in providing everything from Residential Treatment , Substance Abuse Groups, Individual Counseling and Assessments in North Carolina, as well as provides Community Based services in the Greater Atlanta Area. Here at Changing Phases we have recently decided to incorporate outpatient opioid treatment services as another measure to successfully address ongoing opiate dependence. Changing Phases takes great pride in maintaining the values, mission, and direction of the organization. We always provide a comprehensive treatment experience resulting in a desire for the best possible outcome for all persons served.

Nonprofit: Changing Phases is now proud to announce our partnership with the non-profit Changing your Ordinary Inc. Through this partnership we will be establishing community housing, a mentorship program, and much more. Our diverse team of specialists will help you get along the way. From Delacia Gail who specializes in drug and alcohol addiction, to Dr. Russel E. Brown who is a board certified neurologist specializing in mental health within families. Here at Changing Phases we have specialists on all topics. To learn more about our non-profit partnership contact us today. To learn more about our specialist, keep scrolling.

Our Mission is to promote life-changing experience in the quality of life and emotional well-being of the citizens in the state of Georgia and North Carolina. We advocate, encourage and exemplify the barrier-free delivery of responsive, innovative treatment services in the environment of dignity and respect for all persons served. Our values are simply delivered through honesty, quality and proper service to all individuals in need of opioid treatment and services.