Who We Are

Changing Phases Behavioral Support, Inc. (CPBS) is a professional organization that is known for providing Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services since February 2006. Changing Phases has experience in providing everything from Residential Treatment , Substance Abuse Groups, Individual Counseling and Assessments in North Carolina. Changing Phases also currently provides Community Based services in the Greater Atlanta Area. Changing Phases recently decided to incorporate outpatient opioid treatment services as another measure to successfully address ongoing opiate dependence. Changing Phases takes great pride in maintaining the values, mission, and direction of the organization. Changing Phases always provides a comprehensive treatment experience resulting in a desire for the best outcome possible for all persons served.

  • Our Mission is to promote life-changing experience in the quality of life and emotional well-being of the citizens in the state of Georgia.
  • We advocate, encourage and exemplify the barrier-free delivery of responsive, innovative treatment services in the environment of dignity and respect for all persons served.
  • Our values are simply delivered through honesty, quality and service to all individuals in need of opioid treatment and services.
Meet the Owners
Quinten Cullins is the CEO of Changing Phases Behavioral Support, Inc. He brings such a phenomenal presence through his commitment to the person served, experiences, knowledge, and therapeutic strategies utilized to assure that the highest standard of care is being promoted throughout the service delivery. His expertise is providing Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services to at-risk youth, adults, individuals, and families within the community at large. He studied at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University majoring in Sociology. He has a strong passion and desire to plant positive seeds through his varied services and programs with Changing Phases Behavioral Support Inc. One of his signature programs that he will be spearheading across several cities of Georgia, entails his dynamic vision to empower the middle school & high school at risk males and is known as Q10&Son Youth Mentoring Program. This program, in collaboration with his son Nygil Cullins, inspires middle school & high school males to go after their dreams and vision despite of the obstacles that may arise. This is in addition to the Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services that is also offered to the community in various catchment areas. Through Quinten's reputation, character, integrity, strong partnerships, loyal commitment, and overall service delivery he is truly a trailblazer for the at-risk population to change their lives for a better future.  
Mya Cullins is the COO of Changing Phases Behavioral Support, Inc. She brings countless years of experience to this field, not to mention education to assist her with building healthier children, adults and families. She has a clear understanding and knowledge of utilizing a holistic approach to break down the stigmas that are generally associated with the Mental Health & Substance Abuse clientele. Through professional and personal experiences Mya was able to publish her first book "In My Fathers House", related to mental health and substance abuse and the ablity to overcome it. She has also written "Behind the Veil", a novel related to the trials of relationships. Mya Cullins received her Bachelor's Degree from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University in Social Work. Upon graduating, Mya immediately continued her studies at Capella University where she received her Master of Science Degree in Counseling Studies. Mya has done a wide range of events bringing the community together and creating a much needed support system for those with mental health and substance abuse struggles. It is obvious through her success with the Mental Health and Substance Abuse population, she truly has an authentic calling to provide quality and professional services to all persons affected by these diseases. Mya addresses the immediate needs of others through her self-motivation, determination, and spirit of excellence to do whatever is ethically possible to assure that the persons served are treated like people first, despite their diagnosis. Using her eye for the at-risk population, Mya spearheads her signature program in the state of Georgia called M&K Diva's in Training Youth Mentoring Program. This program exposes middle school & high school at-risk females to various opportunities and experiences to encourage them to change their thinking and search within themselves. This program is assisted by Mya's daughter, Kayla Cullins. Mya Cullins is confident that Changing Phases Behavioral Support will be your last step to reaching your goals while you are changing phases to obtain what your heart truly desires!