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"For the past 26 years I've thought of heroin every day. But never thought of using it. It never made anything better, just worse."  James: 26 years clean , Sydney, Australia

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What is Suboxone, and how is it used for detoxification?

Patients who are wanting to stop taking addictive opiates can now use Suboxone as a form of detoxification. So, what is it exactly? It contains a combination of Buprenorphrine and Naloxone, Buprenorphrine acts as an opiate or narcotic. It contains a low dosage of the opioid agonists, which helps patients to start to discontinue the use of addictive opiates by decreasing the feelings of withdrawal symptoms. With the help of Naloxone it will then block the effect of the addictive properties that narcotics can contain. How it works, the Naloxone can act as a binder which will block receptors and can prevent addictive receptors from being activated. Adding in the Naloxone can prevent patients from using these substances inappropriately. Most patients find it difficult to quit an addiction, cold turkey. Suboxone is a great way to slowly start easing off the addictive drugs. Patients can use this as a way to start detoxifying and when they are going through withdrawal periods Suboxone can really help.

Is Suboxone safe? How is it different from methadone?

Dangers exist with any medication, and especially with opiates. It is important that you strictly follow instructions and medical advice. Patients must be aware to not mix any other depressants or medications with Suboxone. Statistically many patients have seen great results with the help of Buprenorphrine. A lot of recovering addicts have claimed that this has been the best treatment option. So why not methadone? Suboxone has been proven to be safer than methadone for some patients. Methadone doesn’t contain the Naloxone properties, so if someone decides to inject Suboxone they will not get high from it. Whereas, Methadone can still give patients that feeling of being high, if it is not used properly.

What is the typical duration of Suboxone therapy?

Every patient is different so there is not a specific duration period. Many factors can affect patients such as, abused drug of choice, length of addiction, level of dependency, and relapse history.

Does Suboxone treatment also include group therapy or counseling?

In order to receive a full comprehensive recovery, group therapy and counseling can be very beneficial along with the use of Suboxone therapy. Being able to stay on the right track with trained professionals as well as, friends and family, can really motivate ex addicts to stay with the program. Changing Phases offers treatment plans that can help each individual patient on their road to recovery.