Holidays are a tricky time. They can often trigger trauma, anger, and other strong emotions. This blog is here to help you not only manage but truly celebrate the holidays. 

Thanksgiving week is a great time to begin applying some of the tools you've received here if you haven't already started. I believe the tips below will help to calm any remaining anxiety you may be feeling.

No Family is Perfect.

This is important to remember. Despite our best efforts to improve our family dynamics, sometimes things still go awry. Be patient with yourself and with your family member that is battling mental health challenges and/or substance abuse. If both parties do their part, circumstances will get better over time.

Healing Takes Time

Chances are your loved one didn't develop an addiction overnight. Therefore, their recovery could be quite a long process. Instead of measuring their progress over an extended period, celebrate smaller victories like daily or weekly sobriety.

Allow Room for Growth

As your loved one gets acclimated to their new normal- mental stability and sobriety- give them room to grow. This means they will make mistakes, may appear a bit awkward at first, or may even relapse. All of these elements are part of normal recovery. Allow them opportunities to grow now and you will reap the rewards later.

Supporting a loved one battling mental health issues and addiction is never easy. However, I believe today's blog in addition to the previous blogs from this month will help you gain perspective and move forward healthily. Remember to take care of yourself during your loved one's recovery process. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm rooting for you!

Be Well,

Dr. Mya