Listen! Life is full of challenges. We are challenged by trauma, people, unexpected outcomes and more. But when was the last time you challenged you? I recently gave myself a 90-day challenge and the results were amazing. I made more progress than I would have without the self-imposed challenge.

Today, I’m challenging you to take the same challenge and watch your life shift! As we’re going back to normal, create a new normal! Are you ready? If so, begin by asking yourself the following questions:

What are my dreams (big/small)? Where do I believe I am called to influence (list cities, countries, arenas, etc.)? What steps do I need to take in order to begin achieving these goals and dreams (list action items and deadlines)? Are there any life choices I need to make now (i.e. insurance, will, etc.)

Once you’ve answered these questions, break out every dream, goal, plus the action items needed, into segments to cover the next 90 days. From there, cover your aspirations in prayer. Every morning and every evening, I cover the desires of my heart in prayer and bring them before God. Sometimes I also add fasting. Additionally, because I’m a believer, I remain focused on Psalms 8, 72, and 79.

Here’s what I know. If you believe you can and put in the work, doors will open for you. I’ve seen my life continue to manifest the things I believe, speak into the atmosphere, and work towards. If you’re wondering what types of things I put on my list, I’ll give you a bit of a sneak peek. It may help you as well.

I focused on financial goals, health and wellness goals, accomplishments that would benefit not only me but also my family, specified which parts of this country and the world I believe I should influence, and also prayed for the right people to be in my circle.

Your turn! Write your vision, give yourself deadlines, celebrate the small wins in between, focus, and GO! Self-reflect and adjust your goals as needed. I’m rooting for you.

Be Well,
Dr. Mya