Happy Monday, Everyone! Your Mental Health Expert and Certified Anger Management Specialist is back! Last week we explored how to begin the journey of combating anger in a healthy way. This week, I want to discuss the hidden dangers of anger that is left unchecked or what I like to call “anger danger”.

First, I’d like to mention that often times when we see an individual who seems to always be irritated or have a “chip on their shoulder”, it’s often a result of displaced anger. Displaced anger can also manifest in the form of depression and even irrational reactions or overreacting to everyday life occurrences. When we don’t deal with our anger, we prevent ourselves from reaching our full potential and we also stand to potentially destroy the meaningful relationships in our lives. Still need convincing? Below are just some of the ways lack of anger management can impact an individual’s life.

*Unchecked Anger Affects Your Health
Anger that is suppressed or released in an overly aggressive way can seriously affect your health. In fact, it puts you at greater risk for heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Additionally, you can put yourself at risk for depression, poor lung health and a shorter life span overall.

Anger Affects Relationships
They say we hurt the ones we love the most. However, as a relationship guru and mental health expert, I believe this is a poor way to handle relationships and often provides the aggressor with an unfair means to excuse their behavior.

Conversely, people are often not taught how to properly deal with anger. As such, anger can lead to physical, mental, verbal and even financial abuse of a spouse, child or other significant person in an individual’s life.

Sometimes, we are afraid to speak up and discuss that lack of control exists even within the four walls of the church. However, we cannot conquer what we won’t confront. As a Certified Mental Health Specialist, I have designed a curriculum specifically for groups of faith. I can help individuals and leaders within your church get on the right track. A healthy church is a wealthy church!

The change starts within as individuals and within our four walls. When the children of God have healed, we will be better equipped to make a positive, lasting impact in our communities. I am passionate about ensuring we are all well and whole. To book me as a speaker on this very important topic at your church, please call (888) 574-2737.


I can’t wait to work with you and your congregation!

Dr. Mya